Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Alpha Meanie

I came across this delightful site today, by the Alpha Parent. (You get Alpha parents, and you get beta parents, according to this charmer.) I'm not sure what I am, it's confusing. I do breastfeed, and use washable nappies, I don't work, and I co-sleep - on the other hand, I had a hospital birth, with drugs, and I formula fed my eldest two daughters; I have worked full time and used childcare; plus, I vaccinated all my children. Hmm.

I do like the sections under 'crap parenting alert'. Vaccinating your child, for example! Crap parenting indeed.

Seriously, though, it frustrates me a lot. I have recently completed my training as a breastfeeding helper and am very enthusiastic about promoting breastfeeding in a positive way to people I meet.  The Alpha Parent is very pro breastfeeding, too. Great. But sneering at mothers who bottle feed and accusing them of 'not loving their babies enough' to breastfeed (yes, I did see that written down) is so incredibly counter productive. Acting this way does as much damage to the cause of breastfeeding as the formula companies with their huge advertising budgets.

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